Webinar: Disrupted, Yet Getting Ready for the Next Big One: Are Boards Ready for Climate Change?

As countries implement lockdowns and social distancing measures in these times, we have seen lesser pollution and clearer skies. Covid-19 has certainly brought serious disruption to businesses and people’s lives around the world.

How can we use this experience to respond to climate change risks and its implications?

In this webinar with SKRINE’s Environmental & Governance Practice Group where together with Climate Governance Initiative Malaysia and a panel of experts from Bank Negara Malaysia, the World Economic Forum and the Commonwealth Climate and Law Initiative we discussed on urgent issues for boards, financial institutions, senior management & inhouse counsel on:

  • The need to redefine short term measurement of success into long term perspectives
  • Why boards and financial institutions can no longer wait to integrate climate change risks into their decision making
  • Director’s duties to act with care, skill & diligence in context of climate change risks
  • Case studies on climate change litigation against companies

Panel Members & Moderator: