The good of the people
is the greatest law.

Our Story

On 1 May 1963, John Skrine and his like-minded partners Stanley Peddie, Peter Mooney, William Donald Bewsher and Chin Yoong Chong founded Skrine & Co, guided by the belief that integrity is the cornerstone of the practice of law. Together, they built the firm by taking care of its people and delivering the highest levels of service to clients, all the while anchored to the tenets of justice and dedication.
This ethos attracted some of the best legal minds in Malaysia, which in turn resulted in a blue-chip client list and the respect of peers. The firm flourished and grew, and with that came global recognition from clients and firms around the world.
Skrine & Co. became simply known as Skrine on 1 January 2000.
Today, the firm is one of the largest legal firms in the country with a global reputation.  We have a wide range of practice groups to meet the specialised needs of our clients. We remain steadfast in our commitment to the development of legal minds and the improvement of the community in which we live.
In an increasingly borderless and competitive world, where the law is challenged in new ways daily, Skrine remains resolutely committed to its founding principles: Wisdom.  Fortitude.  Ingenuity.

“I have been pondering on why Providence has been so kind to Skrine & Co. up to date, and how this firm founded by a polo-playing Anglican Englishman, a bridge-playing Presbyterian Scotsman, a piano-playing Roman Catholic Irishman, a north country beer connoisseur Englishman (religion unknown) and an Ipoh Chinese Methodist managed to cohere as well as it did to attract a string of Asian partners, and to keep and then expand its clientele. 

Perhaps the enterprise prospered because we trusted each other, did not spare ourselves in trying to provide a good and honest service to our clients, and because we were absolutely dedicated to making the firm a success."



John Skrine