Do what is right,
not what is easy

Our Values

“[The Firm] has, I believe, never refused to act because the case was unpopular or politically dangerous, provided there was a proper arguable case to present, and we have always considered it a matter of duty to present the client’s case as professionally as possible.  These are important traditions to uphold.”
- John Skrine


We believe that wisdom comes from being open to learning. We are passionate about learning and development. We encourage open discussion and debate. We share our knowledge with colleagues and clients; and strive to be thought leaders in all areas of the law. We use the vast knowledge and experience of our people to make good decisions and provide sound counsel.


We set and demand high standards. Just ‘good’ is never good enough - we strive for excellence in all that we do. We reward determination, resilience and grit in the face of challenges, as we do achievement. We value our history, our principles and our traditions of service, and we strive to live up to them every day.


We don’t believe in standing still. We explore new and innovative ways to ensure long-term sustainability. We embrace developments in law, technology, and service in order to exceed our clients’ expectations as their needs continue to evolve.