Bursa Malaysia issues 2nd Guidebook of the Public Listed Companies Transformation Programme

Bursa Malaysia Berhad (‘Bursa Malaysia’) recently issued the 2nd Guidebook of its Public Listed Companies Transformation (‘PLCT’) Programme.
The PLCT Programme, launched by Bursa Malaysia on 2 March 20221, seeks to raise the stature of Corporate Malaysia and increase the attractiveness of investing in public listed companies ('PLCs’) in Malaysia through an improvement in numerous areas including financial position, corporate governance and sustainability.
The PLCT Programme which runs through to 2025 is underpinned by five pillars, namely: 
  • Be Purpose and Performance-Driven;
  • Grow as Sustainable, Socially Responsible and Ethical Organisations;
  • Have Strengthened Stakeholder Management and Investor Relations;
  • Be Digitally Enabled; and
  • Contribute towards overall Nation Building. 
The 2nd digital guidebook, ‘Sustainable, Socially Responsible and Ethical PLCs’, recognises the rise in recent years of Environmental, Social and Governance (‘ESG’) as a top corporate agenda and the potential for value creation or erosion from ESG opportunity or risk, and thus seeks to present an ESG framework with practical guidance on how PLCs can develop a well-defined ESG response, utilise governance as an ESG enabler, manage environmental and social performance as well as provide insights into the relevance of ESG for common corporate functions such as strategy, finance, human resources and information technology to assist PLCs to better understand how ESG can, and should, be embedded on a company-wide basis.
The second digital guidebook and a snapshot of its contents can be accessed here and here.
Alert by Francine Ariel Paul (Senior Associate) and Joey Tiw (Associate) of the Corporate Practice of Skrine.

1 Our Alert on the launch of the PLCT Programme together with the 1st Guidebook can be accessed here.

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