Legal Executive Apprentice Program 2024 (LEAP)

This is the 3rd consecutive year we are engaging with our soon-to-be legal workforce through the Legal Executive Apprentice Programme (LEAP) organised by the University of Malaya Law Society.

Kick-starting the programme of the day, our Joshua Teoh welcomed 35 law students from the University of Malaya who were visiting our offices last Friday, 8 March 2024. The students were brought on a tour around our offices and given the opportunity to interact with some of our lawyers and pupils, which provided a glimpse into legal practice. Many pointed questions were directed at our Ask Me Anything panellists comprising of Pei Yee, Janice, Ayenaa, and Iffah on topics spanning the pupillage application process, choosing a suitable area of specialisation, internship opportunities, career progression and stress management. The result was a robust, occasionally humorous, discussion and exchange of ideas between the students and our lawyers.

We hope that this visit has provided useful and valuable insights into the intricacies of legal practice, and we extend our best wishes to the students for their success in studies and all future endeavours!