In an effort to contain the further spread of the Covid-19 virus, a Movement Control Order (MCO) in various states of Malaysia was issued by the Prime Minister of Malaysia on 11 January 2021 at 6pm which will take effect from 13th to 26th January 2021. Skrine will comply with the various directives issued during this time and have taken additional steps to reduce our numbers in the office. We remain committed to providing the same level of seamless and efficient support to our clients. We have readied ourselves for this contingency and already have in place the resources available to ensure that there is no disruption to our services provided to our clients.

We will continue to keep you informed on the latest legal developments via the Skrine Insights and Skrine Webinars. Meetings, where necessary, will be hosted through virtual platforms. As all our lawyers will remain accessible via email and phone, please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any queries on your existing matters or if you require any legal support.