Pertiwi Soup Kitchen 2

On 28 November 2018, 20 members of the Skrine family spent their Wednesday night to volunteer with Pertiwi Soup Kitchen. Similar to the 1st edition, we began at Lorong Medan Tuanku 2 (right opposite the beautiful Loke Mansion) before moving on to the heart of KL, just a stone's throw away from Reggae Mansion. Food and drinks were provided to close to 600 Malaysians, of all ages and temperament, just looking for a bite to eat and a hot cup of coffee to keep them going as they push towards the end of the working week.
The tasks under taken by the volunteers ranged from the pouring hundreds of cups of coffee and syrup to handing out hot meals and burgers to the beneficiaries. Volunteers also had the opportunity to put their parenting skills to test, taking care of little kids who came to get a quick snack for their break while playing with their favourite toy. We also benefitted from having a large group of volunteers as everyone got to try at least 2-3 different tasks, enabling them to appreciate what goes on behind the scenes at Pertiwi Soup Kitchen.
This was the first visit with Pertiwi Soup for a majority of volunteers, save for a few experienced hands who had participated on their own before. The feedback from the volunteers was that it was an eye-opening and enjoyable experience; something different from the usual high-paced life of a Skrine lawyer. The organisers of Pertiwi Soup Kitchen were also very grateful for the help and the performance of the volunteers whom ensured that everything went on like a well-oiled machine.