MITI Issues Anti-Dumping Determination for Flat Rolled Galvanised Iron Products

On 7 March 2019, the Ministry of International Trade and Industry (‘MITI’) imposed definitive anti-dumping duties on the importation of flat rolled galvanised iron coils/sheets or galvanised steel coils/sheets originating from China and Vietnam.
Under the Countervailing and Anti-Dumping Duties Act 1993, the domestic industry may petition to MITI for anti-dumping duties in situations where there is dumping. This means that export prices of the subject merchandise are lower than the normal domestic prices in the originating country. With sufficient evidence of dumping, material injury caused to the domestic industry by the dumping, and causality between the both, MITI may impose anti-dumping duties.
In this case, the anti-dumping duties were imposed pursuant to a petition filed by a local producer on behalf of the domestic industry. The anti-dumping duties ranging from 2.66% to 16.13% were imposed, while three companies were successful in obtaining exemptions from the duties all together. Companies that did not participate are subject to the standard rate of duties which amount to 16.13% for China and 15.69% for Vietnam.
Our Ms Lim Koon Huan, Nicholas Lai and Manshan Singh acted for one of the largest Vietnamese producers obtaining favourable results.