Claims Involving Companies and Misdirected Funds or Opportunities

Lee Shih spoke at the Bar Council event titled 'Claims Involving Companies and Misdirected Funds or Opportunities' on 28 March 2019.

He delivered a talk titled 'Crafting Your Litigation Strategy — Company Law Claims and Practical Considerations in Bringing Your Client’s Claims to Court.'

The talk covered the following topics:
  • Follow the Money — Gathering and Assessing Possible Targets
  • Proper Plaintiff — Which Entity to Bring the Appropriate Action
  • Pleadings — Problems that Arise When Bringing Claims against Directors and Non-Directors
  • Urgent Interim Relief — Best Practices for Mareva Freezing Orders, Anton Piller Search Orders, and Bankers Trust Discovery Orders
Lee Shih is a partner with experience in the areas of company law and shareholders’ disputes, and fraud and asset recovery.