Skrine India Desk's visit to Malaysian Investment Development Authority (MIDA)

On 10 June 2024, Skrine’s India Desk paid a courtesy visit to Mr. SIVASURIYAMOORTHY SUNDARA RAJA, the Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Investment Promotion and Facilitation of the Malaysian Investment Development Authority (MIDA). Also present were Mr Shams Rusli, Senior Deputy Director, Foreign Investment and Mr Mohamad Amir Radzi Mohd Rosli, Assistant Director, Foreign Investment Division.

During this meeting, we discussed MIDA’s role in securing foreign investments and providing end-to-end assistance to investors to facilitate their operations in Malaysia. We also discussed the highly efficient and transparent Malaysian legal system and explored how it can serve as a catalyst for attracting foreign investments into Malaysia. We are confident that the insights gained today will not only enhance our understanding but also empower us to better serve our clients looking to invest in Malaysia.

Our meeting with MIDA is testament to our commitment to supporting foreign investors and promoting Malaysia as a prime investment destination.

Representatives from Skrine:
Ashok Kumar Ranai
Shannon Rajan
Loshini Ramarmuty
Tatvaruban Subramaniam
Manshan Singh