CBBL Deutschsprachige Wirtschaftsanwälte weltweit’s Annual Conference

Our Foreign Lawyer Dr. Harald Sippel represented Skrine at CBBL Deutschsprachige Wirtschaftsanwälte weltweit’s Annual Conference, which took place in Constance at Lake Constance. During the event, Harald among others shared a panel with his colleagues from ADWA – Allianz Deutscher Wirtschaftsanwälte in Asien Christian Brendel (Vietnam), Rainer Burkardt (China), Lutz Kaiser (Philippines), Michael Mueller (Japan), Joachim Nowak (Korea), Andreas Respondek (Singapore & Thailand), Jörg Schendel (India) and Michael Werner (Taiwan). The topic of their panel discussion was De-Risking and re-alignment in Asia: new legal challenges and recent developments in the investment environment.
The event was held in Germany for German-speaking companies from the so-called Mittelstand (medium-sized companies). These companies form the backbone of the economy in Austria, Germany and Switzerland. There were well over 100 persons in attendance to discuss the above-mentioned legal and other issues.