Fire Prevention Talk by the Fire Prevention Society of Malaysia

A Fire Prevention Talk was organised by Skrine’s OSH Team on 30th November 2022. The talk was delivered by Ms. Brenda from the Fire Prevention Society of Malaysia.
Ms. Brenda covered these topics during the sessions:
  • Besides electrical fire, what is the hidden fire risk lurking in every premises during Covid-19?
  • What is the fastest way to call Bomba?
  • What is your responsibility during a workplace fire?
  • Will crawling & covering nose with dampened fabric secure life in a fire?
  • If fire starts from below, should I run up or run down on high rise building?
  • How do we save our loved ones from midnight house fire?
  • Why do present-day cars seem so combustible? How to save victim trapped in burning car without get yourself hurt?
The talk was interactive, filled with practical insights on different real-life scenarios and explanation on what are the steps and measures to be taken during these emergency occurrences.
We received positive feedbacks from the participants on the sessions and they would love to have similar training sessions in the future.