In Memory of Helen Skrine

Helen Skrine was the wife of John Skrine, one of the founders of Skrine (then Skrine & Co.). She grew up in Butlerstown, spent two years in London with the BBC, and later many years in Malaysia, where she lived with her late husband and their daughters.
We received the sad news last night that Mrs Helen Skrine, beloved wife of Mr John Skrine, passed away peacefully in her sleep at their home in Butlerstown, Ireland on Monday 22 November 2021.
Apart from being the supportive wife and loving mother to their 5 daughters who grew up in Kuala Lumpur (of whom 4 are surviving),  Mrs Skrine was also an acclaimed historian and the author of an acclaimed 200-page hardback memoir, The Boxwells of Butlerstown Castle, a lineage of the Boxwell, Harvey, Skrine, Stokes and St Leger families, that featured on RTE’s Nationwide earlier this year.
Mrs Skrine will always be cherished as part of the Skrine family in Kuala Lumpur.