China Business Law Journal (CBLJ) Forum

Skrine’s China Desk, comprising Claudia Cheah, Teh Hong Koon, Tan Shi Wen and Addy Herg attended the highly coveted China Business Law Journal (CBLJ) Forum held in Grand Hyatt, Shanghai on 12 November 2019. The Forum is themed “Seizing Cross Border Opportunities – Managing Global Risks” (《商法高峰论坛》 – 共建跨境商机 · 管控全球风险)
Addy Herg, corporate partner of Skrine, sat on the panel with Lex Mundi member firms’ (from Indonesia, Thailand and Philippines) and discussed the investment opportunities in South East Asia region and practical solutions on common risks arising from cross border investments.
It was a successful forum well received and attended by lawyers and general counsels.

思纪龄律所的中国服务部,由谢碧怡律师、郑芳君律师、陈思稳律师和贺钰豪律师领军,前往上海参加由商法主办、受高度瞩目的高峰论坛。该论坛的主题是“商法高峰论坛 – 共建跨境商机 · 管控全球风险”,于2019年11月12日在上海金茂酒店举行。
贺钰豪律师,思纪龄律所商业部合伙人,和Lex Mundi的其他东盟国家律所成员的合伙人(印尼、泰国、菲律宾)展开圆桌讨论,以流利的中文分析了在东南亚地区的投资机会以及针对跨境投资而产生的常见风险的实际解决方案。许多知名律所的律师和企业的法务高管踊跃参与了该高峰论坛,让论坛在成果满满的情况下圆满落幕。