2019 Lex Mundi and CCCME Webinar

On 8 May 2019 (Wednesday), Lex Mundi has, in cooperation with the China Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export of Machinery and Electronic Products (CCCME), hosted a webinar for Chinese enterprises who are members of CCCME.          
Skrine, being Lex Mundi's only member in Malaysia, was invited to contribute and present on various legal topics. The topics covered include (i) Malaysian legal system, (ii) foreign investment and incentives, (iii) employment laws, (iv) real properties, (v) dispute resolution and (vi) intellectual property.
Panel speakers for the webinar include Skrine’s China Desk Group partners Claudia Cheah, Kuek Pei Yee, Teh Hong Koon and Addy Herg.
It was an interactive session between the participants and the speakers, where the participants actively took part in the Q&A session to ask questions pertaining to carrying on business in Malaysia.
国际律所网络(Lex Mundi)与中国机电产品进出口商会 (CCCME) 合作,于2019年5月8日共同举办了一场法律网络座谈会,邀请CCCME的企业会员们参与。
思纪龄律师事务所(SKRINE)作为国际律所网络(Lex Mundi)在马来西亚唯一的成员,很荣幸受邀为该座谈会进行主讲。
座谈会的主讲课题涵盖了:(一)马来西亚法制概况、(二) 投资以及奖掖政策、(三)劳工法、(四) 大马不动产、(五) 争议解决、以及 (六) 知识产权。主讲人包括中国服务组合伙人 谢碧怡律师、合伙人 郭佩仪律师 、合伙人 郑芳君律师、以及合伙人 贺钰豪律师。