Skrine x Project ID: Negotiation Skills Online Workshop

On Saturday, 17 October 2020, as part of Skrine’s collaboration with Project ID: Impianku Destinasiku, a team of Skrinees comprising Kalaiarasan Rasadurai, Rachel Chiah, Tan Wei Liang, Kailash Kalaiarasu, Gooi Yang Shuh, Lam Rui Rong, Ng Kar Man, Nurzahirah binti Mohd Zaki, Ting Shi Jing, Laarnia Rajandran, Chong Hong Kiat, Dickson Chia and Ann Tiang Wen En conducted an online Negotiation Skills Workshop via Zoom for a group of secondary school students from schools in West and East Malaysia.
The Skrine team kicked off the workshop with a presentation on the basics of negotiation skills and the negotiation process. Our lawyers also shared with the students several tips on how to have a more effective negotiation and demonstrated a lively mock negotiation which everyone thoroughly enjoyed!  The workshop then proceeded with a breakout session where students participated in a negotiation exercise concerning the purchase of a new mobile phone. During this exercise, the students were tasked to apply the skills and undergo the steps of negotiation which they had learned during the presentation. At the end, there was a feedback session with the students and it was heartening to hear that they had enjoyed learning a practical skill they could apply in their daily lives.
A big thank you to the students and to Project ID for having us, and we look forward to more programmes together!