Skrine x Project ID: Know Your Rights

On Saturday, 13th November 2021, Skrine’s Social Responsibility Committee collaborated with Project ID to organise a constitutional literacy workshop for a group of secondary school students enrolled with the Project ID online programme.
The Skrine team – comprising Tan Hui Wen, Rachel Chiah, Alithea Wong, Tan Wei Liang, Kailash Kalaiarasu, Soraya Sulaiman Ong, Yasmin Ariffah, Rishikah Reggina Andrew, Chelsea Jade, Shun Yong, Ikram, and Syafiqah – began the workshop with a presentation on the key features of the Federal Constitution. This included breaking down concepts such as the supremacy of the Federal Constitution, the separation of powers, and the fundamental liberties enshrined in the Constitution. Following that, the students were divided into smaller groups and were tasked to design their own ‘Classroom Constitution’. They came up with sophisticated ways of exchanging views and suggestions with their teachers, decided on the most suitable way to elect their Classroom Monitors, and modified the rules for a virtual learning setting.
In the second part of the workshop, the students were given a problem scenario and were asked to identify the different rights engaged in the situation. They then argued against each other, role-playing as opposing lawyers, about where the correct balance should be struck between the competing rights. This was a lively session with many insightful arguments from the students. 
A big thank you to all Skrinees and to Project ID who helped tremendously in making this online workshop a success!