Skrine x Project ID: Presentation Skills Workshop

On Saturday, 12 March 2022, a group of Skrine lawyers and pupils comprising Rachel Chiah, Tan Wei Liang, Ann Tiang Wen En, Ng Kar Man, Chew Sue Peng, Eo Shao DongLee Hui Wen, Wong Shun Yong and Siti Syafiqah binti Abdul Jalil conducted a virtual Presentation Skills workshop for 25 secondary school students from across Malaysia. This is part of Skrine’s collaboration with Project ID and is the first workshop in Project ID’s new online initiative, the Skrine Communication series.
The workshop started with a presentation by the team on how to prepare for and give an effective presentation. It was a very engaging session, as the students posed many questions and voiced their input and ideas. Everyone then moved into breakout rooms, during which the students had the opportunity to give a mock presentation based on topics and materials that had been prepared and circulated by the Skrine team beforehand. The students were truly impressive, as many came well-prepared with comprehensive and creative PowerPoint slides and visual aids for their respective presentation. They were also willing to take their turn to present despite feeling nervous and shy. After each student presented, they were given the chance to receive constructive feedback guidance from their designated Skrine facilitators and fellow group members.
The workshop ended with the students sharing their key takeaways. It was rewarding to hear that they had enjoyed themselves and found the sessions to be very useful. We were also delighted to learn that quite a number of the students have already signed up for our next workshop in the Skrine Communication Series! We look forward to meeting the students again as well as to continuing our work with Project ID for the upcoming workshops and activities for 2022.