Skrine Meets Pertiwi Soup Kitchen

The Social Responsibility Unit organised an outing on 13 July 2018 to volunteer with Pertiwi Soup Kitchen. It was an enjoyable and eye-opening affair for all the volunteers which began first at Lorong Medan Tuanku 2 before moving on to the heart of KL in Jalan Tun Perak. Food and drinks were provided to more than 500 fellow Malaysians looking for a bite to eat to tide them over to the weekend.

The tasks under taken by the volunteers ranged from the pouring of hundreds of cups of coffee to handing out rather delicious-looking nasi lemak to the beneficiaries. Some volunteers even had to take care of little kids looking for food, ensuring that they received yummy cakes and syrup while keeping them away from the coffee. The Pertiwi Soup Kitchen representatives were also very helpful in ensuring that all the volunteers were able to try their hand at all the different tasks to get a feel of what goes behind the organisation 4 times a week.

The beneficiaries and the people behind Pertiwi also seemed quite happy working with and liaising with the Skrine volunteers, rotating us around to ensure that we get to try our hand at all the different tasks and guiding us to make sure everything went on like a special-oiled machine.