Skrine x Project ID: Young Educators Challenge (YEC) 2022

Our Senior Associate, Rachel Chiah, was a Mentor for Project ID’s Young Educators Challenge (YEC), a nationwide virtual competition for secondary school students. 20 shortlisted teams were tasked to design and pitch a learning recovery programme for their respective school or community, with the aim of improving the academic progress of the target group.
During the period of October 2022 – December 2022, Rachel mentored Team 18 which comprised Abigail, Matthew, and Jeslyn from Year 10 of Cornerstone International School in Johor Bahru. She supported them on the crafting of their pitch for their programme, LED Lightbulb, which focuses on tackling student issues such as lack of motivation, efficiency of learning, and managing distractions. To address these issues, Team 18 created a website (including producing all the practice guides and revision material) and a Discord server that was utilised for revision sessions for the school’s year end exams. They did a fantastic job on their pitch and successfully obtained a financial grant to implement their programme. Their dedication, resourcefulness, and hard work paid off as their classmates that participated in the programme showed improvement in their year-end exam results.
Skrine is delighted to be able to support such an inspiring initiative by Project ID. Congratulations to Team 18 on their impactful programme! Do check out their website here.