Skrine x Project ID: Negotiation Skills Online Workshop

On Saturday, 23rd July 2022, as part of the SKRINE’s continuing collaboration with Project ID: Impianku Destinasiku, a team of Skrinees comprising - Rachel Chiah, Tan Wei Liang, Ann Tiang Wen En, Kalaiarasan Rasadurai, Ng Kar Man, Kailash Kalaiarasu, Rishikah Reggina Andrew, Wong Shun Yong, Scott Tan Li Gang and Sarah Azahar conducted an online Negotiation Workshop for a group of secondary school students.
The workshop started off with an interactive presentation by Ann Tiang and Kalai on the key negotiation skills and the basic steps of negotiation. This was followed by a breakout session led by our lawyers (facilitators) where students were placed into small groups to carry out the negotiation exercises based on the respective briefs assigned to them. They had to role play as a parent or child to achieve their goals by applying the skills which they have learned during the presentation session. The facilitators also gave constructive feedback and encouragement to the students. It was interesting seeing the students’ creativity and commitment to their role!
We are glad to receive the students’ feedback that they found the workshop to be helpful and that they enjoyed the workshop, particularly when they role played against or watched the facilitators role playing.