Skrine x Project ID: Mediation Workshop

On Saturday, 27 August 2022, a team of Skrine lawyers and pupils comprising Rachel Chiah, Tan Wei Liang, Kalaiarasan Rasadurai, Chew Sue Peng, Ng Kar Man, Ann Tiang Wen En, Quek Jian Long, Rishikah Reggina Andrew, Lee Hui Wenand Mukhesh A/L Rajendran conducted a virtual Mediation Skills Workshop called “How-to: Mediate a Conflict?” for a group of secondary school students. This workshop was conducted in collaboration with Project ID.
The workshop started off with a presentation on the key skills of mediation and process of mediation. Following this, there was a breakout session where students were placed into groups of 3 to participate in a mock mediation based on the scenario the Skrine team had specially prepared for this workshop. The Skrinees, as facilitators, encouraged the students to consider how to address issues and gave feedback. It was interesting to see the students’ different approaches to navigating conflict.
The workshop was a fun and interactive session, with the students asking many questions and sharing their views and personal experience in handling conflict. Thank you to Project ID for inviting Skrine, and we look forward to the next workshop together!