Skrine Regatta 2019

SATURDAY, 3 AUGUST 2019 - Skrine held its 5th Edition Skrine Regatta: Paddling for Charity at the Putrajaya Water Sports Complex. The Skrine Regatta is a biennial dragon boat race and fundraising event which pits various corporations against each other in a team sport activity for charitable cause.
The charity event raised a total sum of RM30,000, which was equally channelled to Teach For Malaysia (TFM) and P.S. The Children. The funds raised were in support of TFM’s work to empower students and improve education in Malaysia; and for P.S. The Children’s work on the prevention, intervention and treatment of child sexual abuse.
The 5th Edition Skrine Regatta saw the participations from seven (7) teams, comprising the Skrine Dragons, TFM, Pendekar P.S. The Children, KPMG Vikings, PwC Hydra, Mike’s Crew and RB WaHoo. The teams competed in over three categories; the inaugural Head Honchos/Boss Crew category, the Small Boat Crew Category and the Big Boat Crew Category. 
About 300 supporters turned up for the event to cheer for the extremely competitive paddlers, many of whom have been training for the event since June 2019. The enthusiasm of the paddlers and their fiery drive was not dampened even by the heavy thunderstorm that struck just as the final round of races were about to commence.
After 11 rounds of race, the KPMG Vikings emerged as  the defending Champions of the “Big Boat Crew Category”, and the Skrine Dragons maintained its holding as Champions of the “Small Boat Crew Category”. Mike’s Crew emerged as the winner of the “Head Honchos Category”.
Paddlers and supporters were also treated to a sumptuous breakfast and lunch, prepared by the Picha Project, a social enterprise founded for refugees’ families in Malaysia.

Watch the full event recap below!