Covid-19: Waivers and Extensions following Extended Closure of Kuala Lumpur Lands and Mines Office

Following the extension of the Full Movement Control Order (“FMCO”) until 28 June 2021 as declared by the National Security Council on 11 June 2021, the Federal Territories Lands and Mines Office has informed the Kuala Lumpur Bar of the closure of the Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur Lands and Mines Office (“PTGWPKL”) for the extended period of the FMCO until PTGWPKL is allowed to resume operations, and its treatment of certain transactions affected by the FMCO.  
Waiver of Penalty Fees Payment & Extension of Deadline
Where the deadline for the following matters falls within the FMCO period, payment of penalty fees will be waived in respect of:
  1. late presentation of instruments/documents for registration at PTGWPKL; and
  1. late collection of the original issue document of title (”IDT”) from PTGWPKL.
Furthermore, where the deadline for presentation of instruments/ documents or deadline for collection of the original IDT falls within the FMCO period, an extension of two months from the deadline for presentation or deadline for collection is granted.
Consent Expiry
Where a letter of consent to transfer/ charge / lease expires during the FMCO period, an extension of two months from the date of expiry of the letter of consent is granted.
Public Auction/Missing Title Investigations
Investigations conducted by PTGWPKL in respect of public auctions and missing original IDTs scheduled to take place during the FMCO period have been postponed. PTGWPKL will issue new letters in connection with the same when they are allowed to resume operations.
Presentation Appointments
All presentation appointment slots (e-Janjitemu) via the e-Tanah system will only be re-opened for booking once PTGWPKL is allowed to resume operations.
Online Services
All online services involving private search, application for official search, application for consent to transfer, payment of quit rent and parcel quit rent, application for land development and land alienation can be conducted via the PTGWPKL portal and the Single Window Search (SWS).
PTGWPKL’s decision to waive late penalty fees and extend deadlines, albeit not a first, serves to ensure that parties affected by the implementation and extension of the FMCO would not be financially or administratively penalised for their inability to comply with the deadlines that fall during the FMCO.  
However, it should be noted that the two-month extension is calculated from the deadline of the respective matter and not from the last day of the FMCO. As such, in the event the FMCO is further prolonged, there may be a need for a further extension to be granted by PTGWPKL.  
Alert by Jesy Ooi (Partner) and Seen Qin Ying (Associate) of the Real Estate Practice of Skrine