Malaysian Government Launches New Security and Social Order Policy

The Prime Minister of Malaysia launched a new Security and Public Order Policy ("DKKA") on 3 October 2019. The DKKA replaces the Internal Security Policy (DKDN) which was launched in 2016.
The DKKA sets out six cores and 21 strategies.
The six cores are –
  • Upholding the Constitution, the Rule of Law and the Sovereignty of the Country’s Key Institutions (‘Core 1’)
  • Improving the Governance and Integrity of Security Enforcement Agencies (‘Core 2’)
  • Strengthening of Border Control Security (‘Core 3’)
  • Ensuring Public Safety and Security (‘Core 4’)
  • Combating the Drug Menace (‘Core 5’)
  • Safeguarding Important Assets of the Country (‘Core 6’).
The strategies that will be adopted in respect of the six cores are as follows –
Core 1  
  • Upholding, protecting and maintaining the Federal Constitution, the Institution of the Yang di-Pertuan Agong and the Malay Rulers; and
  • Protecting and defending the Executive, the Legislative and the Judicial bodies.
Core 2
  • Enhancing the effectiveness of security and public order governance, including improving the process of check and balance;
  • Strengthening individual identity and integrity amongst members of law enforcement agencies through the instillation of moral values;
  • Enhancing and improving security assets through the use of the latest technology; and
  • Enhancing the human capital professionalism and competency amongst the members of the security enforcement agencies;
Core 3
  • Enhancing border control and monitoring in an integrated and persistent manner;
  • Strengthening intelligence capacity and enforcement of cross-border crimes;
  • Strengthening the enforcement of national border security laws; and
  • Establishing a comprehensive management system for foreigners.
Core 4
  • Handling crime, extremism, violence, espionage activities and cyber-crime;
  • Combating the dissemination of elements, beliefs and movements that conflict with local cultures and threaten public order and security;
  • Improving the effectiveness of criminal rehabilitation and correctional programs;
  • Ensuring that the activities of associations, organisations and unions are organised in accordance with applicable laws and regulations;
  • Ensuring that the registration records of all citizens and residents are kept up to date;
  • Fostering and nurturing individual identity, patriotism and volunteerism amongst the citizens; and
  • Performing search and rescue operations.
Core 5
  • Reducing the supply of drugs through law enforcement and international cooperation; and
  • Reducing the demand for drugs and social problems through preventive education, treatment and rehabilitation, enforcement and strategic cooperation.
Core 6 
  • Improving the control, protection and maintenance of assets, resources, critical infrastructure and key targets; and
  • Protecting information and records relating to national security.
The Minister of Home Affairs of Malaysia said that an action plan will be formulated to cover each of the cores and strategies in order to meet the objectives in the DKKA.  He added that a high-level sub-committee headed by him will be set up to determine how the policy will be implemented.