CCM launches new registration number format

The Companies Commission of Malaysia ("CCM") has on 11 October 2019 introduced a new format of registration numbers for companies, businesses and limited liability partnerships.
The new registration number will comprise twelve digits.
The first four digits in the series represent the year of incorporation or registration of the entity, the fifth and sixth digits identify the type of entity (i.e. ‘01’ for locally incorporated companies, ‘02’ for foreign companies, ‘03’ for businesses, ‘04’ for locally registered limited liability partnerships, ‘05’ for foreign limited liability partnerships, and ‘06’ for professional services limited liability partnerships) and the last six digits are the registration number of the entity.
The new numbering format will replace the existing numbering system from a date to be announced by the CCM. In the meantime, an existing entity is required to display its existing registration number along with its new registration number for a transition period to be announced by the CCM.  For example –
AMS Setia Jaya Sdn. Bhd.
Registration No: 201901000005 (1312525-A)
Entities are encouraged, but not required, to change the registration number on their signboards, official stationery, invoices and other printed materials until the CCM has announced the enforcement date for the use of only the new number registration format.
The announcement issued by the CCM on 7 October 2019 can be accessed here.