Patent Prosecution Highway Pilot Program between the USPTO and MyIPO

The patent prosecution highway (“PPH”) pilot program between the Intellectual Property Corporation of Malaysia (“MyIPO”) and the United States Patent and Trademark Office (“USPTO”) has commenced from 2 March 2023 with a trial period of three years ending on 1 March 2026. The trial period may be extended upon mutual written decision by both offices and either office may terminate the PPH pilot program early. A notice will be published if the pilot program is extended or terminated.
With the commencement of the PPH pilot program, applicants for patent registration in Malaysia who have a corresponding USPTO patent application and who meet the requirements can now request for an accelerated examination of their Malaysian application in accordance with the prescribed procedures.
For further information on the relevant procedures and requirements as well as the required documents to request for an accelerated examination pursuant to the PPH pilot program, kindly contact

Alert by Charmayne Ong (Partner) and Cheam Tat Sean (Associate) of the Intellectual Property Practice of Skrine.

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