Anti-dumping investigation initiated on non-alloy steel products from China, South Korea and Vietnam

On 17 March 2020, the Malaysian Government initiated an anti-dumping investigation into the importation of flat rolled product of non-alloy steel plated or coated with aluminium and zinc (‘subject merchandise’) from China, South Korea and Vietnam.
It has been alleged imports of the subject merchandise are being dumped in Malaysia and are causing material injury to the domestic industry in Malaysia producing the same products. The domestic industry is further alleging that it has suffered injury through the effects of dumping such as price undercutting, price depression, price suppression, negative cash flow and reduction in return on investment.
Interest parties such as foreign producers/exporters and local importers may participate in the investigation to have their representations taken into account. For foreign producers/exporters, if the Malaysian government makes a finding that the foreign/exporter was not involved in the dumping, no anti-dumping duties will be imposed on the particular producer/exporter. The petitioner is seeking for the imposition of anti-dumping duties ranging from approximately 18% to 37%.
The deadline for interested parties to request for the questionnaire response is no later than 1 April 2020.
The Notice of Initiation of Anti-Dumping Duty Investigation on the subject merchandise can be viewed here.
If you have any queries, please contact our Ms. Lim Koon Huan ( or Mr. Manshan Singh (manshan.singh@skrine).