Administrative Review Investigation of Anti-Dumping Duties on Imports of Cold Rolled Stainless Steel in Coils and Sheets from China, Korea, Chinese Taipei and Thailand

On 27 January 2023, the Government of Malaysia (“Government”) initiated an administrative review investigation in respect of the anti-dumping duties imposed on imports of certain cold rolled stainless steel in coils, sheets or any other form (“subject merchandise”) originating in or exported from the People’s Republic of China, the Republic of Korea, Chinese Taipei and the Kingdom of Thailand (“targeted countries”).1 The anti-dumping duties currently imposed on the subject merchandise is due to expire on 7 February 2023.2
The administrative review investigation in respect of the subject merchandise was initiated upon a request filed by Bahru Stainless Sdn Bhd (“applicant”) – a domestic producer of the subject merchandise in Malaysia.
According to the Notice of Initiation issued by the Minister of International Trade and Industry, the request for the administrative review investigation is based on the grounds that the termination of the anti-dumping duties currently in force would likely lead to a continuation or recurrence of dumping and injury to the Malaysian domestic industry.
The Government has determined that the application carries sufficient grounds to initiate an administrative review investigation as the applicant has presented sufficient evidence of the dumping and injury to the Malaysian domestic industry and the causal link between the imports of the subject merchandise with the alleged injury suffered by the domestic industry in Malaysia. In coming to the decision, the Government has also examined the prices of the subject merchandise in the domestic market in Malaysia in relation to the likelihood of a continuation or recurrence of dumping.
In connection with this administrative review investigation, the Ministry of International Trade and Industry (“MITI”) will provide a set of questionnaires to interested parties, such as domestic producers, producers and exporters of the subject merchandise from the targeted countries, importers and the respective Governments of the targeted countries.
All interested parties who wish to participate in the administrative review investigation may contact MITI in writing to request the questionnaires no later than 11 February 2023. Interested parties may provide their views in writing, questionnaire responses and additional supporting evidence to MITI by 26 February 2023.
Please contact Ms. Lim Koon Huan (Partner) or Mr. Manshan Singh (Partner) of our Anti-Dumping and Trade Remedies Practice Group for further information.

1 P.U.(B) 32/2023.
2 P.U.(A) 23/2018.

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