MCO 2.0: SOP for Construction Sector

The construction sector is one of the economic sectors that is allowed to operate during this second Movement Control Order (‘MCO 2.0’). In connection therewith, the Construction Industry Development Board of Malaysia (‘CIDB’) has on 14 January 2021 published on its website the standard operating procedure that companies with permission to operate during MCO 2.0 are required to comply with in carrying out construction works  (‘Construction SOP’). The key points to note from the Construction SOP are set out below.
Only Critical Construction Works Allowed
The Construction SOP stipulates that only the critical construction works as specified in the Ministry of Works’ press statement of 12 January 2021 are allowed to be carried out during MCO 2.0. A summary of what constitutes “critical construction works” is available here.
It should be noted that when compared against the Ministry of Works press statement, the Construction SOP has  added “commuter and single or double tracking works” into the list of “critical construction works”.
Operating Hours and Workforce Capacity
Companies are allowed to maintain normal operating hours during MCO 2.0. However, workforce capacity will be limited as follows:
  • 30% of management level personnel
  • On a needs basis for operations level personnel
Documents Required to be Kept on Site
The following documents must be kept and made available on the construction site for purposes of inspection by the relevant authorities:
  1. Name, value and location (with GPS coordinates) of the project;
  1. Details of the officers in charge:
  • Company director
  • Project supervising officer
  • Head coordinator
  • Centralised Labour Quarters (CLQ) management, if applicable;
  1. Project schedule;
  1. List of workers of the main contractor and sub-contractors, based on their trades;
  1. List of suppliers of construction materials;
  1. List of suppliers and the operators of heavy machinery, including the names and licences of the latter;
  1. List of consultants and personnel;
  1. Records of the workers’ movements and health screenings;
  1. Records of the cleanliness and management of the construction site or premise; and
  1. CIDB pledge.
Companies should also display the responsibilities under the Construction SOP at the construction site.
Activities and Protocols
The Construction SOP also lists in detail the activities and protocols that must be conducted when carrying out works at the construction site. They are, in summary, as follows:
  • Management of the movement of construction workers;
  • Management of the supply and delivery of construction materials and goods to site;
  • Awareness of and compliance with the Construction SOP;
  • Establishment of emergency response and management system on site;
  • Contact tracing;
  • Maintaining the cleanliness of the site and workers accommodation; and
  • Record-keeping.
Further details on the activities and protocols are set out here.
The Construction SOP is substantially similar to the standard operating procedures that were already in place prior to MCO 2.0. What is different this time around would be that, unlike the first movement control order, the construction sector is allowed to operate at normal operating hours albeit with limited workforce capacity. Further, companies will be subject to the Construction SOP and will be responsible for the workers’ compliance with the same. In effect, it is business as usual for the construction sector during this MCO 2.0.
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