Guidance Notes for Registration of Firms of Company Liquidators Amended

On 3 February 2020, we issued an Alert on the Guidelines for Approval of Liquidator under the Companies Act 2016 issued by the Accountant General and the Guidance Notes on the Registration of Firms of Liquidators and Notification on the Approval as an Approved Liquidator (‘Circular No. 1/2020’) issued by the Companies Commission of Malaysia in relation to the registration of firms that seeks to carry on business as approved liquidators under the Companies Act 2016.1 
The Companies Commission of Malaysia has on 6 August 2020 amended Circular No. 1/2020 by replacing paragraph 11 so that the nature of the business to be stated by a person in his application for registration of a sole proprietorship or a partnership (as the case may be) under the Registration of Business Act 1956 or the Limited Liability Partnerships Act 2012 for the purpose of practising as a liquidator should henceforth be ‘Providing corporate recovery, restructuring and insolvency services’ instead of ‘Providing liquidation and insolvency services.’2

1 Our Alert dated 3 February 2020 is available here.
2 The amendment is made pursuant to Circular (A)1/2020 dated 06 August 2020 issued by the Companies Commission of Malaysia.