Property Development and Management

Property Development
We advise on, draft and negotiate joint venture agreements, sale and purchase agreements and related documentation.
We also advise clients on the regulatory regime affecting the development including where required, development below the surface of the land.
In respect of transit-oriented developments, we advise on the provisions which affect the infrastructure as well as the development of the land.
We advise on, draft and negotiate co-existence agreements between the owners of infrastructure and landowners, and concession agreements.
We also work alongside our teams from Banking and Finance, and Construction and Engineering where the project involves financing and construction aspects.
Property Management
We regularly advise developers as well as purchasers in respect of property management matters. These include common estate matters where the developer retains the control and management of the common property of the entire development (covering business, recreation, retail and residence) including, infrastructure, utilities and telecommunications.
We also advise on matter regarding management corporations, management of hotels, resorts, clubs, tertiary institutions, management of property which belong to proprietary clubs.