Branding, Franchising and Licensing

Our Branding, Franchising and Licensing clientele hail from various industries, from retail, fashion, food and beverage, leisure, hospitality and various other services. We represent a number of prominent and well-known brands in the consumer market.
Our team acts for both franchisors, with vast franchise networks that span across the globe, as well as for franchisees and master franchisees. Our core expertise in the franchising sphere include filing franchise applications and advising clients on the attendant requirements such as the applicability of the local franchising regime to our clients’ business models. We are also involved in strategising and modelling of relevant agreements to suit the clients’ needs and regularly assist clients in liaising with the officers at the Franchise Registry whenever necessary.

The team strives to determine the most effective strategies when it comes to branding or licensing its intellectual property rights. We assist clients in intellectual property portfolio management and on licensing of our clients’ intellectual property rights be it copyright, trademark, patents or industrial designs including character merchandising and co-branding exercises.