Employment Disputes

The end of an employment relationship is never easy especially when it arises from a breakdown in the employment relationship. We regularly advise our clients on the termination of the employment relationship and dismissal from employment due to poor performance or misconduct.  Our goal is to assist its clients to strengthen its case and to minimise risk of unjust dismissal claims being brought.
We advise our clients through the disciplinary process that is from investigation of the acts of misconduct to the punishment of the employee.
We have extensive experience in legal representation at all levels including at the Labour Court, Industrial Court, High Court, Court of Appeal and Federal Court in a full range of employment disputes. Some of our notable cases include but are not limited unjust dismissal claims, incentive/bonus claims, claims arising from separation schemes, employment-related claims emanating from the semi-public sector and judicial reviews. Throughout the years, we have also successfully represented our clients in landmark cases which have helped shaped labour laws in Malaysia.