Industrial and Manufacturing

From the intangibles in this digital age where manufacturers and industrial companies are investing in the latest technologies and business models competitively, to the tangible concerns of Mother Nature now increasingly seen in environmental, occupational safety and waste management policies, industries have become a highly complex area for business to fully grasp the emerging and evolving legal and business issues.
Our clients include players in the automobile, heavy industry, pharmaceutical, electronic, consumer goods, oil & gas, and natural resources industries.
Drawing from our firm’s wide experience, we are able to advise our industrial and manufacturing clients from the stage of setting up their business and plant, financing transactions, the manufacturing and distribution of their products, protection of their intellectual property rights and data, contracts with suppliers and customers, customs and excise, and to the day-to-day issues which may arise in the operations of the business and any disputes which may arise therefrom.
Complementary to this scope would include our experience in land transactions, environmental law, construction contracts and industrial relations. We advise also on product regulatory and compliance obligations, as well as on corrective actions and recalls.