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Skrine Regatta 2011 : Paddling for Charity

On 1 October 2011, Skrine hosted its inaugural Skrine Regatta at the Putrajaya Water Sports Complex. Themed "Paddling for Charity", the Skrine Regatta is Malaysia’s first-ever corporate dragon boating event to raise money for charity. Five corporate teams competed for the Skrine Regatta Challenge Trophy and to raise money for charity. After a close-fought race in the Grand Finals, KPMG surged across the finishing line as champions.

The Skrine Regatta 2011 brought together five corporate teams from Bursa Malaysia, HSBC, KPMG, PwC and Skrine in paddling together to raise funds for the Persatuan Kanak-Kanak Istimewa Kajang Selangor (PKIK). Each team contributed RM5,000 and where the total sum of RM25,000 was donated to PKIK.

The dragon boat race itself covered 250 metres and each team would be made up of 16 paddlers, a drummer and a steerer. With the exception of the Skrine Dragons, all of the teams were newcomers to dragon boating, a sport which encourages teamwork and the spirit of camaraderie. In the lead up to the Regatta, the teams had practice sessions at the Putrajaya lake in order to prepare for the event. The weekend before the Regatta also had a team of professional trainers from SAVA, a Singaporean company dedicated to the sport of dragon boating, to coach the enthusiastic fledgling teams.

At the start of the Regatta, the teams were divided into two heats, with the winners of each heat advancing straight into the Grand Finals. The remaining teams then battled it out in the repechage round, whereby the winner would then advance to the Grand Finals. Both KPMG and Skrine won their respective heats, and HSBC was the victor in the repechage round. 


This then pitted Skrine, KPMG and HSBC against each other in the Grand Finals. Despite the Skrine Dragons building up a lead at the first half of the race, the KPMG Vikings clawed back this lead and then finished strongly to clinch the inaugural Skrine Regatta champions trophy.

Overall, the Skrine Regatta 2011 was a resounding success and a good time was had by all. 



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